Late Returns, Fines and Other Fees

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Please find the full breakdown of our fines and other fees below. Effective 1 May 2017 onwards, all GoCar transactions are subject to 6% GST. For full details, refer to clause 4(1) of our Terms and Conditions


Mileage Allowance

15 KM for hourly rate*

*Exceeding Mileage Allowance

RM0.50 per excess kilometer

Late Return (Grace period of 5 minutes)

RM10 + hourly GoCar rate for each hour late

Late Return Affecting Next Customer Booking (Grace period of 5 minutes)

Up to RM100 per hour

Administration Fee


Refund / Cancellation Charges

Notice 48 hours beforehand

  • Full refund on entire booking, with a RM10 admin fee

Notice between 48 to 12 hours beforehand

  • 50% refund on entire booking, with a RM10 admin fee

Notice less than 12 hours beforehand

  • Strictly no refund


Note: Reservations made for all GoCar promotions are NOT refundable or transferable, shall there be a need to cancel or change the date and/or time of the original reservation. Refund applies to the entire booking transaction.


Reservation Rescheduling Charge

Administration Fee (RM10)

Note: Changes to the reservation date and/or time can be done via our app (administration fee applies). Promotional bookings are not allowed to be rescheduled

Failure to Top Up Fuel (Except hourly bookings)

RM15 per fuel bar

Smoking in Vehicle

Up to RM200

Vehicle Damage

Damage cost to the vehicle (insurance covers collision between vehicles)

  • A 20% handling fee applies per incident 

Towing and Impounding

No cost if caused by vehicle failure; full cost if caused by The Renter’s failure

Traffic and Parking Violations

Full payment of fines + RM50 service fee + 10% interest per month late in payment

Overspeeding >= 130 KM/hr

RM30 penalty fee. Expulsion from GoCar if overspeeding occurs in two bookings

Overspeeding >= 150 KM/hr

Expulsion from GoCar

Excessive Cleaning Required (Exterior and interior)


Cleaning For Bug Infestation From Food Waste/Wrappers Found

Up to GoCar's discretion and subject to severity of cleaning required

Cleaning For Fur Found In The Car

Up to GoCar's discretion and subject to severity of cleaning required

Vehicle Doors, Boot, Keybox, Windows or Bonnet Left Opened/Unlocked

Up to RM100

Flat or Punctured Tyre

Full cost of replacement, including any resulting damage to the wheel or vehicle , regardless of the cause of the flat or puncture

Tyre Related Damage or Missing Tyre Items

RM50 (or up to RM 200 if new tyre replacement is necessary)

Paint and Body of Vehicle

Full repair cost for dents more than 20 mm diameter and scratches more than 25 mm in length with paint surface penetration

Underbody of Vehicle

Full repair cost for any dents and/or deformations

Lights Left On/Flat Battery


Lost Car Keys


Miscellaneous Fine

Reasonable cost of resolving the issue

Singapore Travel Documents 

RM50 (to arrange vehicle registration card, Autopass and authorisation form)

Additional Driver  RM25 (limited to 2 drivers per GoCar account)
Missing GoCar Sticker RM50 per sticker
Car Parked at Wrong Location Up to RM150 to move back to its original location
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