Who pays for fuel?

GoCar -

Daily rate does not include fuel. Kindly top up fuel to the level you started with before ending your GoCar session. Failure to do so will incur a penalty of RM15 per fuel bar (see Failure to Top Up Fuel). 

Hourly rate includes fuel. GoCar pays for the petrol, its included as part of the hourly rate. Every hour of booking comes with 15KM of distance allowance. So if you book for 2 hours for example, you can travel up to 30KM in distance. 

You are welcome to drive above the allowance of 15KM per hour, however we may impose a fuel excess charge for the extra distance travelled (see *Exceeding Mileage Allowance).

Please practice the habit of taking before and after pictures of your fuel meter to help check that the fuel level was maintained by the last GoCar member and for dispute purposes on the occasion that a user does not refuel the car after their daily booking.

Following these rules help keep our price competitive and make car sharing work.

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