What is GoCar's insurance and excess?

GoCar -

Our rates include standard insurance for accidental damage to third party property and bodily injuries. Please refer to Clause 8.3 (Insurance) in Terms & Condition for the excess fees schedule.

Excess protection does not apply for damages as a result of illegal, negligence, careless actions, tyre punctures, bust tyre, fuel errors, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories and damages of windows, mirror and undercarriage.

The accident or damage covered by our insurance is only applicable for collision between two moving objects. Any damages while the vehicles is stationary will be under the GoCar member's responsibility and subject to the excess clause as mentioned above.

If the accident or damage to the vehicle is caused by a third party vehicle, then the GoCar member is responsible to get all necessary third party details such as vehicle registration number, driver’s name and driving licence number. If the claims cannot be made against third party insurance, all damages will be borne by the GoCar member subject to excess clause as mentioned above.

Underbody and overhead damages are at all GoCar members' own risk at all times. Our insurance is void if the GoCar is driven on unsealed and unmade roads and/or surfaces.

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