What if I find damage(s) on the GoCar?

GoCar -

When you arrive at your car for your reservation, do a quick check of the GoCar and report any damages found immediately through our app. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at hello@gocar.my with the photo(s) of the damage(s) found. If the next GoCar member find any damage on the car upon inspection, you may be at held responsible.

All GoCar members are responsible for:

  • Tyre: Regardless of the cause of the flat or puncture, any GoCar member who drives with a flat tyre will be responsible for any resulting damage to the wheel or vehicle.
  • Paint & Body: Dents more than 20 mm diameter, scratches more than 25 mm in length with paint surface penetration. 
  • Underbody: Any dents and deformations.

For full details, refer to Late Returns, Fines and Other Fees.

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