How much is it to book a GoCar?

GoCar -

Nissan Almera 

Hour RM14.90/Hour
Day RM99.00/Day
Week RM693.00/Week
Month RM1,980.00/Month


Nissan X-Gear / Nissan Grand Livina 

Hour RM16.90/Hour
Day RM169.00/Day
Week RM1,183.00/Week
Month RM5,070.00/Month


Renault Captur 

Hour RM18.90/Hour
Day RM189.00/Day
Week RM1,323.00/Week
Month RM5,670.00/Month


Nissan Navara / Nissan Serena 

Hour RM24.90/Hour
Day RM249.00/Day
Week RM1,743.00/Week
Month RM7,470.00/Month

Effective 1 June 2018, all GoCar rates are of 0% GST.

*Our daily rates apply for reservations made for more than 7 hours.

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