How do I end my GoCar reservation?

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Watch our video for a step-by-step guide on how to use the GoCar app:

  1. Please park all GoCars back at the reserved parking space where you picked it up. If the location has more than one reserved GoCar parking space, any one of them will do.
  2. Launch the GoCar app or mobile site, and click “End Session”.
  3. Report the ending fuel level by tapping on the bars. Then, inspect the GoCar for damages and take photos of the front and rear of the car. Once the photos are taken, tap "Submit and Continue".
  4. Use the pin code provided to unlock the key box and put the car keys back.
  5. Exit the GoCar. Tap “End Session”, and the car will lock by itself.


  • Upon returning the GoCar, remember to top up the fuel to the level you started with, take all your belongings, close all doors properly, switch off all lights, and remove any trash from the car.
  • Failure to top up the fuel upon returning the car could lead to a penalty of RM15 per fuel bar (see Failure to Top Up Fuel).
  • If the GoCar parking space is taken or blocked by any unauthorised vehicle, get in touch with our team immediately via our emergency hotline (available in your reservation email).
  • For GoCar locations that require a ticket upon entry and exit, do not take a ticket. Please use the season pass located on the sun visor of the driver's seat.
  • If you happen to return the GoCar early, there will not be any money refunded as other GoCar members are not able to book the car throughout your reservation period.
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